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How to process Order
Processing the Order

Duamart has made the order processing system very simple. After sellers have received an order, he will need to go thriough the following steps.

  • First he will need to contact buyer over the phone on the number provided.
  • Once buyer has confirmed the purchase, seller need to change the order status to "Confirmed".
  • Then in the order managment system, seller need to select all the items he is ready to send and generate a processing request to Duamart. This step is very important as all the items being sent will go though some quality checks by Duamart.
  • Once the request has been generated, Duamart representative will visit the sellers's store, do some quality checks and then seal the packaging of the item and put a specially designed hologram.
  • The items which do not pass the quality checks will be excluded from the processing request and rest will be marked as "Processed" by Duamart.
  • After the orders have been processed, seller will be asked about the delivery format. He can choose either the self delivery that means he will be responsible for sending the items, or he can use Duamart delivery that means Duamart will handle the delivery of the items.

Sellers are strongly advised to change the Status of the orders to "Dispatched" after they have sent the items as any order that is not dispatched within 10 working days will be cancelled and if it is sellers's fault, he will get a decrease in performance index.

Payment for Order sent by Duamart

As Duamart will receive the payment for the order sent by us, so we have designed a separate syatem that will handle all the payments and seller can also see about the amount that we need to pay to them. When we send the items, sellers can see the payments pending in payment section, after we have successfully received the payment from the buyer, payment status will be changed from Pending to Ready. At this point sellers can select all the payments which are ready and generate an invoice for us. Invoice will include all the details about the items, prices, delivery costs and packaging cost. If Duamart has paid the charges for sending the item, delivery cost will be deducted from the total price of the order. Then by the end of the current monthly cycle, we will desposit the total amount into the back account connected with the seller account. Sellers can view and download all the invoices at any time and also use filters to find a specific invoice.

Before invoices sent by sellers are processed, Duamart will also settle the outstading balance that will include amount generated on the basis of Duamart commission,  refund and any other amount that Duamart will pay on behalf of seller.


It is very common that sometimes buyer want to return the items they have bought for several reasons. Duamart has desinged a separate system to handle the return requests.

  • When a buyer send a return request, seller can see the details in Returns section.
  • Seller will have 7 days to respond. If seller does not take any action, then after 7 days buyer will be able to open dispute and in this case seller will be awarded with decrease in performance index.
  • Seller can either accept or reject return. Please be advised that seller has to provide a sound reaosn why he wants to reject the return request as buyer can still open a dispute with Duamart that will be investigated on the basis of seller and buyer performance on Duamart, their messanging history, buying and selling indexes and some other factors. If dispute is decided in buyer's favour, it will be counted as negative index against seller.
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