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How to Bid

An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. The open ascending price auction is arguably the most common form of auction in use today.[1]Participants bid openly against one another, with each subsequent bid required to be higher than the previous bid. It is the best platform for selling the used items for good price.

For example let us consider someone who has a mobile phone to sell. He goes to a mobile shop he is offered a price that is quite less than what he excpected. Similarly if a buyer goes to the same shop, he will be sold the same mobile for higher price. It is common phenomenon, that sellers and buyers loose money if there is a third party involved. So auction gives the sellers an opportunity to receive the offers direcly from millions of buyer across the region, both the parties get the benefits of auction system.

Bidding on an item

It is quite straitforward to participate in an active auction. you will be required to follow the following,

  • First you need to login to your account
  • Navigate to the auction, you want to bid for
  • On that page you can view all the details including the current bid and others.
  • You are required to bid the amount Rs: 50 higher than the current bid. For example if the current bid is Rs: 2000, you can submit atleast bid amount of Rs: 2050.
  • You will be notified, if someone else has submitted the bid amount greater than yours.
  • At the end of the auction, purchase will be processed within 24 hours, and will go thouhg the standard Duamart procedure.

Please be advised that winning bidder must confirm the purchase and pay for the item according to the payment option selected. If in case winning bidder no longer needs the item, his account will be immediatlly terminated. Each account has a performance index that is based on purchase history, return requests, messages sent, disputes and overall behaviour in Duamart community. Seller has the right to stop those buyer bidding on his items with performace index less than a certain number.

Prohibited Actions

Buyer and Sellers must follow some rules, otherwise their accounts may be suspended or terminated immediately.

  • Seller cannot bid on their own auctions using other accounts, friends accounts or any other way to falsly incease the bid amount. This may lead to termination of seller account permanenetly.
  • Once the bidding has been ended, seller is required to send the item to winning bidder. Failing to do so without a genuine reason, will have an increase in negative index that will eventually end in termination of seller's account.
  • Buyer must accept, recieve and pay for the item. Failing to do so will result in immediate termination of account without considering any positive index on file.
Buy it Now Option

Some auction listings may have But it Now that means buyer can buy the item any time for the price specified. This option requires the immediate payment that can be processed via easypaisa, Jazzcash, or a bank transfer.  Buyer are required to follow the following,

  • After you have clicked on Buy it Now, you will be redirected to a page that will create a token for you.
  • Whatever the way you choose to send the money, please upload the proof to the system.
  • Duamart will verify the payment, and token will be activated so you can buy that item immeidtaely afterwards.
  • You will have a separate record for the item you choose to avail the Buy it Now option for. So after you have sent the money, you can navigate to the item record and find all the information there including an option to upload the proof. On the same page, you can see the status of your token. if activated you will also have Process Purchase button here to buy the item.
  • After purchase, order will be processed by the standard Duamart Procedure
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