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Duamart Protection
What is Duamart Protection

We want you to buy with confidence anytime you make a purchase on the website that's why we guarantee purchases from third-party sellers when payment is made via the website. The condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the Duamart Protection. Duamart protection gives you peace of mind that you will receive what you excpect or your mmoney will be refunded. It uses a very simple return procedure and everything is updated on the website, rather than giving the contradictory statments over the phone.

Duamart Protection Conditions

You can file a claim when all of the following applies:

  1. You have contacted the seller and generated return request.
  2. You have waited for the seller to accept or reject return requests for more than 7 days
  3. Your request meets one of our protection conditions below.
  • The item you received was damaged, defective, materially different, or you changed your mind and you returned it in line with Duamart's return policy You must (1) contact the seller within 30 days from receipt of the item  and (2) postmark the return within 14 days from arranging the return with the seller. The refund amount you are entitled to is included below.
What is Refunded?
Return Reason Product Cost Original Shipping Cost Return Shipping Cost
Item was damaged, or defective, or materially different Y Y Y
Any other reason (restocking fees may be deducted from the total refund) Y Y N

Duamart may reject you claim on the basis of various factors. While investigating the claim, if it found that buyer is at fault, he will be awarded with a negative index.

Misuse of Duamart Protection

Misuse of Duamart Protection is strictly prohibited and any one involved will have his account terminated permanently. Buyer are advised to use Duamart protection only if they think that they have been delivered the wrong item, or defective item, or something that does not match with the details given about the item. Disputes should be filed only if you think that you have the sound reason to do so. 

Buyer must generate the return request and wait for the sellers's response. If they are not satisfied with the service offered by the seller, then they can file a claim and explain in details why he is doing so. Too many claims and rejection will ultimatley result in suspension of the account and buyer buying privilages will be limited.

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